Data Recovery / Data Destruction Services

Did your computer crash and you can’t get into Windows to access your files? Would you like to get them back and save yourself countless hours of work and many years of memories? Do you have an old computer with information you would like to transfer to a new computer so you can keep your pictures, documents and application preferences? It can be very tedious to have to reconfigure all your applications again let alone having to download, install and activate them. We offer comprehensive data recovery and transfer services to help you get your information back to where you left it.

Are you upgrading and don’t want your information to fall into the wrong hands? Do you have old hard drives that have just been sitting around because you don’t know what to do with them? We offer data sanitization services to eradicate all of your information making it unrecoverable against a laboratory attack.

Our methods include Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology standards. This means overwriting your hard drive with meaningless information, usually 1’s, 0’s and random characters. Our service includes documentation of date, make, model, serial and erasure method so you can be sure your data was erased properly..

No matter if it is data recovery or destruction, let us help you with your data.

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