30 Apr

Data Recovery for Everyday Joes and Josephines is Available in Minneapolis

Data recovery has been a hot topic in the national media as of late. So, our Minnesota Computer Repair team wanted to jump into the conversation too. For most of us, there won’t be outside agencies beating down our doors for access to our computer’s data. However, there is a 99.9% chance that we’ll encounter a moment in life when we’ll wish that we hadn’t hit the delete button. That’s where having the skills of data recovery experts may come in handy.

What Can Data Recovery Experts in Minneapolis Do?

Data recovery experts can often sort through corrupted, damaged or otherwise failed hard drives in search of information and actually find what they are looking for.  They can also search hard drives that are in perfectly working order but for some reason are making certain secondary storage media inaccessible. Consequently, those vacation photos you may have accidentally deleted while trying to send them to a friend or family member may be recoverable.

The same may be said for deleted e-mails, videos, music files and word processing documents. It doesn’t even matter if they were lost due to viruses, house fires, water damage or hard drive crashes. Data recovery experts are wizards at restoring once lost or hidden materials regardless of why the initial problem occurred.

Who Can Help Everyday People with Data Recovery in Minneapolis?

At Minnesota Computer Repair, we know how to utilize National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as Department of Defense methods to retrieve data. We can also effectively erase data too. That’s a service that many people opt to use when they are getting ready to sell or give away their old computers. Professionally wiping away the hard drive ensures that the buyer or gift recipient won’t learn more about you than they should.

To learn more about data recovery and data destruction services for the everyday Joe or Josephine, please contact us at Minnesota Computer Repair today and ask for a consultation. Our data recovery and destruction experts would be happy to work with anyone within our service area.

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23 Apr

Professional Computer Help Saves Relationships

If you’re like many seniors, you probably call your children or grandchildren when you need computer help.  They know this stuff and it’s easy for them so you might think that they’re the best person to help you.  

Unfortunately, even if you had the best relationship to start, using them as unpaid tech support can hurt feelings.  If the things you need help with seem simple to them and they’re very busy, they might rattle off some instructions that are obvious to them and just leave you more confused.  If they’re impatient on the phone, your feelings are hurt.  If they stop answering your calls to avoid all of the questions, your communication will be greatly reduced and you won’t have answers.  There’s a better solution.

We offer reasonably priced computer tutoring services that can help you with things your grandkids consider basics or guide you patiently through intermediate computer use.  We can teach you how to protect your computer from viruses and bloatware through safe internet habits.  If your machine is already slowed down by those things, we can give it a tune up or help you upgrade to a newer machine without losing anything stored on your old computer.  

You’re never too old to learn something new.  Your children will be impressed by your new knowledge and abilities.  Phone calls can once again be enjoyable chats about your lives that leave both of you happy.  

Contact us for computer help and contact your children to talk about your lives.  Keeping those things separate will improve your relationships.

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16 Apr

Minneapolis Computer Tutors Can Help Seniors Share Their Wisdom with Others

You’ve got the type of wisdom and expertise that only a whole lot of living can bring. Now, you want to share that knowledge with the world in a meaningful way but how? Our Minneapolis computer repair team has an answer, become a trusted source for the media. After all, our world runs on information and members of the media are among the chief disseminators of it. Reaching members of the media and sharing information with them is actually pretty easy when you have the right tools. Fortunately, our computer helpers know which ones to use and can teach you how to use them too.

There are many online sites and software that will help you connect with key people. Some are completely free and others charge for their services. Therefore, we’d suggest deciding upfront whether or not you want to go whole hog and pay for the connection services or start small and try the freebies first. If freebies are what you’re after, the sites that we would recommend looking at are HARO, Source Bottle, Media Kitty and Pitch Rate. If you’re willing to splurge a bit of that retirement income on a for profit service, check out sites like Expertise Finder, ProfNet, Press Rush, Media Bag and Muck Rack. Essentially, they all provide the same basic functions. So either way, you’ll be able to share your lifetime of knowledge with a very large and interested audience.

If you don’t feel ready to dip your toes into the main stream media pool, don’t worry. Our Minneapolis computer helpers can teach you how to set up a personal blog. There are many websites that allow people to set up one for free. Plus, some also offer ways for writers to earn a bit of mad money through display ad revenue and other endeavors. To learn more about using the internet to share your years of accumulated knowledge with others, please contact us at Minnesota Computer Repair and ask about our private tutoring and computer help services.

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09 Apr

Computer Repair: We Make It An Easy, Streamlined Process

It seems that every day, huge advances are made in computer technology. We are able to achieve wonders with our devices – smartphones can track our heart rates, function as climate control managers, and allow us to connect with millions of people around the world on nearly any imaginable topic. It wasn’t that long ago that phones were phones, cameras were cameras, and laptops were something you might occasionally enjoy a TV dinner on.

These devices, however, need maintenance and repair just like our homes, cars, and other appliances. While we like to think they’ll last forever, they too are subject to any number of ailments. Computer repair is an often daunting prospect that involves a series of operations and working with intricate hardware.  Quite often, it’s hard to tell what exact part needs repair! Is it a bad motherboard? Perhaps a malfunctioning graphics card? Or worse yet, maybe a virus has infected your important files.

When something goes wrong with your computer, it’s tempting to throw in the towel and invest in a new one, but new computers can be costly, and hey – why throw out something perfectly good that might just need a little tweaking to return to its former glory? That’s where our North Minneapolis-based technicians can help. We have over thirty years of experience working with computers, and we’re more than happy to diagnose and fix what ails your machine for a reasonable price.

In addition, we want to help you learn more about computers. An informed consumer is a happy consumer, after all! Some of the many training courses we offer are: Microsoft Office tutorials, Internet research guides, and how to use Microsoft Windows most effectively. The computing world is a rapidly changing environment, and we want to do our part to keep you informed and tech-savvy!

If you’re a Minnesotan in need of affordable, helpful computer repair, contact us today to get started.

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02 Apr

Minnesota Computer Repair: Three Online Tools to Help Ease Growing Pains

Our Minnesota Computer Repair team understands what it’s like to start and grow a home business. We know that it can be hard to handle all of the necessary tasks alone, especially for folks that might not be tech savvy. That’s why we offer our suite of computer repair, setup, data management, tune-up and tutoring services to people in need of a helping mouse click or keystroke. It’s also why we’re taking a moment today to talk about a few online tools entrepreneurs may appreciate:


Have you ever wished that there was a way to look at a map and instantly know where your best customers live? It would certainly make determining where to focus your company’s advertising, public relations, sales and marketing activities much easier right? Well, there is an online tool that may be able to help you with that. It’s called mapline. The tool lets users take their sales data and create color-coded, highly customizable maps. Best of all, basic mapping capabilities are free.


Are you starting to use independent contractors to help your business grow? Are you finding it hard to keep track of what they’re doing and analyzing whether or not those activities are giving you a return on investment? If so, a tool called Nimble may be for you. It’s a pipeline management tool that includes communication tracking. Thus, you can use it to see if those public relations, sales, advertising and marketing activities you’ve been paying for are actually working. There is a financial downside though. The tool is not free. Instead, it will cost you a modest amount every month.

Vertical Response

Do you want to send out perfect e-mail newsletters and use some of that material to build social media traffic? If that’s the case, take a look at another great tool, Vertical Response. It is designed to help people send out ideal, consistent, targeted messages across several online platforms. The base price is free. Consequently, you may want to try it in conjunction with the other tools we mentioned and more.

To discover additional online tools like these and learn how to use them like a pro, please contact us at Minnesota Computer Repair today. Our tutoring services are private and customizable. Plus, we have a network of cohorts in and around Minneapolis that may be able to help you further as your business starts to grow.

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26 Mar

Are Your Minneapolis Senior Group Members in Need of Computer Help?

Are your Minneapolis senior group’s members interested in establishing an online presence but don’t know how to go about it? Maybe they want to raise funds for a trip, sell their handmade items on Etsy or save money by replacing print newsletters with digital ones. Either way, engaging in those types of online activities requires a certain amount of knowledge, equipment, space and time. At Minnesota Computer Repair, we can provide seniors with the knowledge and equipment assistance that they need in order to be successful.

Our Minneapolis team can come to your senior center and help set up everything from a bank of computers and web cams to internet connections. Then we can provide private tutoring to senior group members who feel that they need help using various software programs, social media and fundraising platforms. We may even be able to help senior center activities directors find guest speakers to come in and speak to large groups about technology related topics of interest.

Once your senior center’s computer stations are up and running, they’ll need to be maintained. If this poses a problem, don’t worry. We offer computer repair, upgrade and system tune-ups as well as data recovery and destruction services. Consequently, we can save your senior group money by keeping all of the center’s software and hardware in excellent condition. And when it comes time to upgrade the center’s entire computer area or a member’s home PC, we can help with that too.

Our Minneapolis computer experts are more than willing to sit down with senior group leaders and discuss the latest technological advances. We can also help compare and contrast various computer systems so the group can come to a consensus on which new products to buy or forego for a while. To learn more about our services and get your Minneapolis senior group’s members comfortably behind a computer screen, please contact us at Minnesota Computer Repair today.

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19 Mar

Computer Help Goes a Long Way in Keeping Grandparents and Grandkids United

Work has taken the kids and grandkids out of the area. Now Skype is the only way that you can see them as often as you like but there’s a problem. You have absolutely no idea how to upgrade your old computer and make it compatible with today’s video and voice conferencing products. You’re also not entirely convinced that your dinosaur of a PC is up to cloud file sharing, displaying inline photos and all of those other things that the kids are using to communicate these days. So you turn and ask your spouse, “Where can we go to get computer help?”

Good thing he has the perfect answer, Minnesota Computer Repair. We are essentially a one-stop-shop solution to your family’s communication problems. Our team can take a look at your current computer setup and quickly determine if its compatible with the software and hardware needed to use today’s best video chat services. If it’s not, we can do one of two things, add upgrades or recommend a replacement. Afterward, we can set up the computer so you’ll be ready to video chat with the kids and grands the next time they have a free moment.

And if you’ve never used video chat, cloud file sharing, inline photos or any of the other communication methods that the kids enjoy don’t worry. We offer tutoring services and computer tune-ups too. So, we can teach you how to use all of hottest communication tools, which will really impress the grandkids. In addition, we can help you organize the digital photos and online videos that they’ve sent over as well make sure that your computer stays virus free. And perhaps best of all, we can do a lot of the work remotely. Thus, you won’t have to sit at home waiting for us to arrive. To learn more and get communicating with the ones that you love right away, please contact us.

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12 Mar

Data Recovery Keeps a Computer Accident from Being a Disaster

We never want data recovery to be necessary but it has happened to all of us.  Computers crash.  Laptops fall.  There’s water damage from dropping it in the pool.  Your grandchildren play on the computer and download things they shouldn’t.  No matter what caused it, the time to buy a new computer has arrived.

When you plan to get a new computer, transferring the information from the old computer to the new one can be a headache.  Then you worry about the hard drive and any leftover information falling into the wrong hands.  When the loss of your old computer was unplanned, all of the data is suddenly gone and seems inaccessible.

You wish you had replaced the computer sooner or made some backups.  That hard drive you can no longer access is full of important documents and priceless irreplaceable family photos.   Your whole life was on that computer that has met with an unfortunate early demise.

Data recovery can save those things for you and transfer them to your new computer or back them up some other way.  You should always make backups to make data recovery unnecessary but it’s almost inevitable that an accident will happen when you forget.  Life happens and will go on but you don’t have to do it without your data.  An accident doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Contact us to get your data back when it seems lost or make sure your data stays gone from an old computer to protect your privacy.  Our methods meet Department of Defense standards and will keep your data away from prying eyes.

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